Our Services

Hopeless and upset couple in therapy. Counseling or meeting with marriage counselor or adoption psychologist. Argument and dispute about divorce, alimony, prenup, cheating, betrayal or custody battle.

Mobile Crisis

A Mobile Crisis call can occur when:

An individual person or family is currently experiencing an acute, immediate crisis as determined by a crisis rating scale specified by DMH.


The person and/or family has insufficient resources or requires assistance to access resources or skills necessary to cope with immediate crisis


The person and/or family member evidences impairment of judgment and/or impulse control and /or cognitive perceptual disabilities.


The person has a history of substance use and abuse or in withdrawl and in need of substance abuse treatment and unable to access services without immediate assistance.


Young woman visiting therapist counselor. Girl feeling depressed, unhappy and hopeless, needs assistance. Serious disease, unwilling pregnancy, abort or death of loved one, addiction to drugs concept

ACCT Services


Greater Image Healthcare offers Assertive Community Treatment Services for individuals who are diagnosed with severe and persistent mental illness and who have needs that have not been met by traditional approaches. At the heart of ACTT is a multi-disciplinary team of practitioners who provide services directly to the community as one unit.


ACTT provides assistance with:

  • Daily Activities
  • Housing
  • Entitlements
  • Financial Management
  • Health
  • Medication Support
  • Family Life
  • Work Opportunities
  • Integrated Treatment for Substance Abuse


three asian friends sitting outside the office, over the shoulder view of a young Asian sad or stressed, his friends are comforting. Selective focus.

Assertive Engagement

Assertive Engagement services are for individuals who have been diagnosed or are experiencing symptoms that impairs their functioning in the community.


Young people with problems having a discussion while sitting together on special group therapy.

Residential Services

Greater Image Healthcare, Corp.  operates two Intermediate Care Facilities for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities. Our facilities provide 24-hour supervision and care in a residential setting and offers ongoing evaluation, planning, coordination, and integration of health or rehabilitative services to help each individual function at his or her greatest ability.


Counseling Services

Asian and african women holding hands during group therapy session, diverse friends feeling reconciled relief smiling giving psychological support empathy overcome problem at psychotherapy counseling


Individual Counseling

Family Therapy

Marriage / Partner Counseling


  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Military One Source
  • Mobile Crisis Team Services in the Alliance and Sandhills Catchment Area
  • Medication Management for ages 7 and up
  • IDD Residential Facility Services in Moore County for Autistic children and Adults
  • Innovation Waiver Services
  • Long and Short term Substance Abuse treatment and education services for individuals and groups
  • ACTT services in the Sandhills catchment area
  • Assertive Engagement
  • Peer Support Services

Additional Services

We also offer the following community based services:


Community Partnerships

Client Rights Resources

  • APSM 45-1 Confidentiality
  • APSM 30-1 Rules for MH/DD/SA Facilities and Services
  • APSM 95-2 Client Rights and Rules in Community
  • APSM 45-2 Records Management and Documentation Manual
  • North Carolina General Statutes 122c Article 3; 10A NCAC 27g.0504
  • North Carolina General Statutes 122c Article 3; 10A NCAC 27g.0103
  • North Carolina General Statutes 143B-147A
  • North Carolina General Statutes 122c Article 3; 10A NCAC 27i.0600-0609.